‘Cloudy’ – Fatigue? 

MS Fatigue seems to be revealing itself in my everyday life. 

The last week it was not really noticeable as quite often I have enjoyed just resting before doing an activity. Something seems to have changed the last week.

Even for the years before being diagnosed with MS, since finishing school, I’ve always enjoyed resting occasionally, throughout the weeks after exercise or other intensive activities. But, now I seem to feel drained every other day. 

Yesterday was average, by average I mean I was able to go to the gym, run for 15minutes, lift some weights and finally work an 8 hour work day. Though, by the late afternoon, I was quite ‘cloudy’, which is my way of describing fatigue. 

A better description for me comes from the MS Trust book Living with Fatigue, “Fatigue leaves me feeling dulled and tired. I find it hard to concentrate and to absorb new ideas, and I’m often confused, searching for the right word, and forgetting things.” 

In spite of how I was feeling I mowed the lawn and developed symptoms in my right leg and my hand began to clench and lock-up. 

So, I suppose, I’m hoping that in the coming days I can learn how to manage fatigue so it does not affect my relationships with others or work. 

I found some tips on MS Trust that I’m hoping can point me in the right direction. 

“Managing fatigue involves both trying to keep energy levels up and using energy efficiently. Getting the right balance that allows you to make the most of life is a learning process that will take trial and error,” MS Trust – Fatigue

The tips listed on MS Trust I hope can point me in the right direction.