October 4, 2016

Hi all,

The last month has been amazing. Just this last weekend my fiancé and I celebrated two years since first speaking to one another. I took Sophie out to a local restaurant, Seasoned, which provided a fine dining experience with a menu that changes to suit the season. In this case I selected maple soy salmon served with, lemon thyme risotto, pickled radish, beetroot and rhubarb salad.  This was a nice reward after a week of work, gym and healthy eating.

The last month I have been trying hard to follow a good eating plan, but I find that diet doesn’t seem to affect my Multiple Sclerosis. I mean this in the sense that I have a few cheat meals throughout the week and often I don’t experience anything out of the usual the day after. But, I do know when I eat properly I have far more energy – so eating well is my goal! At the same time, If I eat a block of chocolate I feel pretty bad, but don’t we all?

Even though I say diet doesn’t seem to affect my multiple sclerosis. I love eating the wide range of fresh produce I have been. I have so much variety in my diet now. I usually have a variety of different salads each week as well as servings of sushi, chicken and salmon each week. Usually every two weeks or so I feel like red meat. At which point I find a juicy steak or nice sausages.

With these varying meals I don’t tend to get sick of anything. This is a good thing and the long I go with eating well, the easier I find it is becoming to stay focused.

At the end of the day, I am what I eat.

Aside from diet, I do take a variety of vitamins to ensure my immune system is able to fight off invading cells. I have these vitamins as I’m on the drug known as Tysabri (natalizumab), one of the side affects of this medication and most MS medication is the lowering of the immune system. So, each day I take 10,000 IU of Vitamin D. Every other day I take Vitamin E (1000 IU) and Fish Oil (2000 IU).

I find this has gotten me through the second half of the flu season.