Fourth Tysabri Infusion

Today I go for my fourth Tysabri infusion.

I would like to say for the most part of it I’ve been great. No headaches and no fatigue other than what most people would get after having long days of doing things.

Though, I’m fearful of getting another cold this month as it seems that each month when I’ve been getting my infusion I’ve been getting a sore throat and sinus problems. The first time it happened back in August – I put it down to it being a result of a winter cold – which I normally get every year like clockwork. The second time – I thought, it could just be coincidence. I might also add the second time I had a horrible cough for about two weeks, a sore throat and sinus problems that I combatted with about 6 capsules of Ibuprofen a day.

Though, this time I’m actually feeling worried about what could happen. I’m fearful that I could be sick for longer than two weeks because of my lowered immune system.

The light in the tunnel for today is I’m saying my neurologist. It’s my first follow-up appointment since being on the treatment. Hopefully he can shed some insight that makes it easier for me to go through the treatment today.