Recess is Great!

It has been a welcomed break uni recess! I’ve had one week and I just wish it could go on.

Prior to my Term 3 study I had only been studying one subject as I had managed to RPL the second subject – that you would usually complete studying part-time.

Right now, I’m focusing more on my work at a local school and slowing getting a few of the things I had been wanting to do but couldn’t do at home due to study.

Though, I’m not just doing nothing at home.

    I’m enjoying the times with my wife that we get too spend together. We are both hoping to catch the new, A Dog’s Way Home in the next week.
    I’ve managed to move all my websites to a self-hosted solution in preparation for a new NAS this year – as my current storage solution is just about at it’s use-by-date.
    I’ve recorded a few videos for my new technology YouTube channel. So, far it’s been good getting back into the editing of videos. I may share some on this further on. Presently, I’ve just hit the 60 minutes of content milestone with about 120 views!
    I’m enjoying spending some time eating and being active. Hopefully, I can find a good balance for Term 1, 2019 so it doesn’t get as bad as it got for Term 3.

Well, that’s it for now.