Internode Website gets a facelift

So, earlier this month, I was visiting my Internet Service Provider’s website – completing my usually bi-weekly check of internet bandwidth usage and to my surprise they have finally rolled out a much needed face-lift for their website.

Below is a screenshot from of when they first launched the design back in early 2008.

So, they didn’t just leave the website that way until 2019, they did make some minor changes to the theme – The below screenshot is from the 8 February, 2019.

So, above is the last version had of the Internode website before their new site which looks to have launched on the 9th/10th of February – Which is a Weekend – So, it makes sense.

The best thing about the new website is it’s clean design and it’s mobile friendly!

So, well done Internode for rolling out a new version of the site. I and I’m sure many other Internoders – Are very happy.