First move in 16 Years

In my last post I mentioned that Sophie and I have been looking at a house – Well, it’s come through, and I can confirm we have a house to call home as of the 18th of April 2019!

Might, I add that this move is my first in 16 years. As, after Sophie and I got married we lived in my parent’s place. So, it’s been a while, I had some things to consolidate while other items I have been able to move with. Though, I will add, it is great to get rid of old things especially if they haven’t been used or are not useful.

The last 5-6 weeks have really been surprising and filled with many things. I feel that I have been productive in addition to my University studies and have been able to maintain a somewhat healthy lifestyle with regular trips to the gym and walks of a morning or afternoon. I will likely commence studying again from Friday.

Things that I’ve experienced moving:

  • Renting a rent-a-truck and moving with the help of family and friends.
  • Loosing an item and not being able to find it for days after almost unpacking all the boxes – It turns out what I was looking for I had placed into an office Bin I had used to collect random objects left behind at our last residence.
  • Sleeping in a spare room because the master bedroom was awaiting new furniture to be delivered.
  • Replacing and performing the roles of a junior locksmith, i.e. replacing pre-keyed locks in doors and windows.
This is a picture of the truck similar to the one I drove – I drove a Mitsubishi Canter (Fuso) Truck (3T).

Right now, it is the eve of my birthday so I better get to bed so I can fall asleep as a 25 year-old for the last time.