Settling In

So, we’ve been at the new house for just over a week now. Already, it’s starting to look like our home.

Sophie has set the kitchen up and the linen closets, and we are finally getting onto the smaller things that go in all the extra storage areas, you know like; board games and serving items such as jugs for entertaining family and friends.

Well, I’ve been busy to, I’ve installed some clothes lines under the balcony, so clothes can dry even when it’s raining.

I’ve also put my Gerni and Ozito Wet & Dry Vacuum to good use! I found that in using a Gerni to hose down the patio and the Ozito Vacuum after the patio has dried up gives the patio a really great clean.

Though, the main obstacle was cleaning up the shed, that was a sight! I didn’t get any before photos but there was about a 1-2cm layer of dirt throughout the shed with a Rat skeleton underneath one of the storage shelves. There was also a few old mildew-destroyed kitchen cabinets – So, it wasn’t very pleasant.

After getting the Gerni and Vacuum into it though, I was able to make it a bit tidier and ready for use.

The cleaned our garden lock-up
The cleaned our garden lock-up