Putting my Handy Man skills to work

It’s been almost a month since I last posted here! I do have a reason though! I have been quite busy with Uni. I’ve been completing a 2500 word report for Uni, which I handed in on Friday. So, that’s been a huge burden off my shoulders. Now, I just need to complete a 40-minute online test and then I’ll be finished for the semester.

Other than Uni, I’ve been getting many things done in and around the house. For instance, I’ve fixed up the loose door knobs, mounted shelves, installed a laundry cabinet and fixed my tool bench. Additionally, I’ve installed some built-in wardrobes in the master bedroom and I’ve been hanging some pictures!

I’m now getting to the point, where I can put away most of my tools as I don’t need them every day! There was a point, where I needed tools just about every day back when I needed to put a few flat packs together! I’m actually pretty good at putting together flat-packs, the hard bit for me is they are just boring to do!

Below are a few pictures of what I’ve been up to.

The new laundry bench and cupboards next to our Samsung 7.5kg Washer – It’s black, isn’t it awesome!
Just a picture of one of our internal door knobs that were loose – I think they’ve been loose ever since the house was re-painted by the previous owner before we purchased it.
Our bathroom has a small sink and there wasn’t any space to place our electric toothbrushes – So, I installed one of these shelves – It fits pretty much perfectly in our en-suite.
This is a framed work shirt with some of my marketing materials such as business cards and a key-ring. My family gave this to me as a gift shortly after I finished-up my business.
I was quite happy with this project! I replaced the factory MDF Particle Board with 12mm Playwood! So, the bench is now rock solid and shouldn’t age as quickly as the MDF board did! The last board had badly weathered.