Uni is Over

It’s been a pretty full on last month. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been studying and I’ve pretty much finished all my assessments. Well, now I can say, I’ve finished all my study, I’m just eagerly awaiting the results! Hopefully I’m able to obtain D or a HD for my current enrolled course.

Aside from University, I’ve had a pretty busy week!

Around the home I installed some security solutions to ensure I have evidence should anything ever happen around the house – Being that Townsville is always portrayed as crime ‘capital’ of sorts. So, I’ve implemented a few solutions, so, I feel that the house is well protected now.

Presently, life feels like it is in between things. For instance, I’ve got a few things going, I’m awaiting too hear if I’ve finished my GradDipIT. Additionally, I’m investigating opportunities with a possible change in my work. So, that’s probably why I don’t actually have much to share, as, I currently don’t know many things about what is going on. All I know is, I will know what I need to know within the next month.

Update – In writing this email, it just so happens I have received an email to confirm my RPL application has been received by CQ University’s Marilyn Wells who is in-charge of Post Graduate Programmes – So perhaps, I will hear something in the next week or two!