The Daily Commute

Since commencing work in the city, I’ve started riding to work! I’ve been enjoying the ease of being able to squeeze in physical activity both before and after work. So, on average I’ve been riding about 4 out of every five days. I seem quicker on my commute home than my commute into the city.

Work has secure facilities for securing my Trek bicycle – As it’s stored within a locked building with swipe card access to the garage. I also have swipe card access to a washroom and locker – so, it’s easy enough to have a shower and freshen up.

Though, I’m fearing I’m in for a rude awakening as the weather starts to heat up into Summer. Townsville’s always been a beautiful place to ride a bicycle during the cooler-winter months!

Did I mention I’ve been riding my commute on my my mountain bike as I enjoy the extra effort over the road bike.

The ride into the city is great from Kirwan and the Townsville City Council and Main Roads has done a good job at ensuring there are clearly marked bicycle lanes along most of Townsville’s major roads – Some of which I ride on for my commute.

If you’re a local, hopefully I see you out on the road at some point. Find out where I’m riding by checking in and following my Strava Athlete profile.

My commute’s Stats:

Distance: 13.7km
Average Time: 27-30 minutes inbound to the city and 25-27 minutes outbound.