January Commute Challenge

Hi friends, last month I successfully completed the Strava Rapha #Festive500 Challenge which involves riding 500km during the 8-days between Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. It came right down the line for me with a little bit of scarring and a fall on one of my rides, but I made it through. Since completing this challenge, I had a well earned break of about 5-days before commencing the January Commute Challenege.

I’m actually quite looking forward to this January Commute Challenge. My usual job involves having a vehicle that I usually am able to garage at home. Though, in this instance, I wont be able to do that, I’ll need to cycle in about 13.5km to work. This commute usually takes about half-hour and it’s my ideal distance for commuting – By that, I means it’s worth extra effort of kitting up in lyrca and packing the cloths and towel for work.

In an early post, I’ve commented on the benefit it is in having a workplace that provides bicycle, washroom and shower facilities for those commutes in the hotter months. If it wasn’t for these facilities, I wouldn’t be cycling.

So, anyway, I’m two days into the challenge, the challenge itself is only one commute a week, but it looks like it’ll end up being at least 3-5 commutes a week (About 27km a day).

Well, that’s all for now folks, I hoped you’ve had a great end to 2019 and whatever you’re planning in 2020 can come into being.

Another random though, I’m also feeling really blessed that my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms have not surfaced for probably over 2.5 years now! Praise God.