Building a Double Gate

Over the weekend I ripped out the side yard fence to my property and installed two double-gates in preparation for the shed I’ve got coming later this year. Yes, I’ll have a shed by about July hopefully, though, who knows what to expect with many businesses’ closing their doors due to the Coronavirus.

Why did I need to put in some double gates for my shed, well simply because I had no side-yard access for a backhoe to come in and prepare the site for the shed.

So, after having looked around for some quotes from fencing companies I found it was incredibly hard trying to find anyone that would quote on such a small job. Well, I had some businesses say, I would have to basically get my whole fence replaced and not just have a small portion completed.

So anyway, I ended up deciding I would do it myself. I figured I had the tools, a circular saw, horses and I’m confident I can put in a post as needed and hang a gate.

I found that of course Bunnings was the cheapest supplier for what I needed.

Bunnings also makes it pretty easy in the sense they sell a system that allows you to build a gate to size. The system is by a company called Fortress Gates and they have sizing calculator built into their website. After inputting your measurements and buying the frame kit and your chosen fencing material it’s just a matter of getting the work done.

I found it took me an my sister’s husband the best part of a day to get it done. To put that into perspective about 5 hours with a break and a trip to Bunnings in between. Which isn’t bad considing we don’t do this everyday and I’m in IT and he’s a solicitor.

Take a look below to see how it all came together.