Coronavirus in Australia – March, 2020

Wow, what a whirlwind time of the month it has been. With the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world and all the anxious and worried people. It is hard to not have a little worry. This month and indeed the months to come will be a period that’ll likely be ingrained into our lives for the rest of our lives.

At the moment in Australia, it still feels relatively safe in a regional City, but for those in capital cities, I do feel for them. It’s really taken off in the capitals such as Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

In recent weeks, I’ve had to step back my consumption of ABC’s News Radio and even the nightly news as too much exposure to what’s going on I felt wasn’t good for my mental health. My strategy to date has been

I feel that I’ve had to take a step back from watching news, sometimes I just switch off and do something else. This strategy for me has been working, I’ve also generally decided not to watch the Coronavirus specials on the TV each night and simply focus on one or two articles from the ABC or check the Queensland Health website to confirm the number of new cases in my region.

So, like with all things in life, we’re all only human and have our limits. I’ve recognised what my limits are and too protect my mental health – I’ve put into place actions that I’m comfortable with.