Setting up the new Shed

So, it’s been quite a quick week for me! As I go into the show holiday weekend I know it’s coming at a convenient time. You see this last week the shed has been finished, all rectification works have been completed and I’m currently just awaiting the final paperwork before paying the final invoice (as it was paid in stages).

So, I started on about Tuesday wiring up what I needed with the alarm system and network connection. I installed an AP on Tuesday and a Security Camera on Wednesday. I’m quite pleased with how well and easily the network was able to be deployed to the shed. As I’m running OM3 Multi Mode fibre to the switch back in the house. Don’t worry, I did run two backup Cat5e cables.

But, since I’ve done that I’ve started moving shed items back in – You know such as the typical mower, shovels, paint brushes and power tools that one tends to acquire after completing work around the home for a few years.

You can see my progress below.

Setting up the Shed Creates Cleaning Opportunities.

Setting up the shed has reminded me that I need to try and not keep things indefinitely, but from experience I know that I’ve sometimes thrown things out and then realised a few months later if only I didn’t throw something out. But, now I believe is a good time to cut back on some of the gear I’ve acquired over the years.

To give you a picture of what I had, I had numerous spare ‘jug’ leads for powering desktops and monitors. Numerous cheap ‘Sricam’ IP Cameras that I used before my HiLook/Hikvision system. I also had some old Wireless N routers straight out of 2010! One was a Linksys/Cisco which I think was one of their first consumer revisions.

The Shelving

You’ll notice in the images that I’ve got some really nice shelves setup. I purchased them from a Brisbane based supplier who was able to ship 2 x 2m shelves with a load rating of 150kg a shelf and a workbench (2m long as well) for just under $700. Which, I found to be about a third of what any local supplier was going to offer me on price.

I’m very pleased with the shelving which appears to be of a commercial grade. There’s not one bolt just a safety pin and everything just clips together. So, designed to be quick to setup.

I opted for metal shelving as most of the items we’ll be storing in the shed will all be in plastic storage tubs. So, I’m not concerned about damaging the protective paint coating. If I do find I need to be storing too many metal items on the shelf I’ll likely lay a barrier such as a non-slip mat to protect the surface and help to prevent rust.

If you’re interested in acquiring garage shelving like the ones I’ve got here or the workbench and you’re in one of Australia’s Eastern or Central states – I would encourage you to check out