My Work Office

When I was first diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I had wondered how my work situation would sort out knowing that my office is across the school oval. This normally wouldn’t be an issue for someone that doesn’t have the risk of an MS attack. But, for me it meant that I could fatigue with the laps across the oval to other side which is where most of my work is completed.

With prayer I made a quick recovery from my attack in June. I had suffered RHS weakness to all my limbs but through Christ I had my strength restored within 8 hours. My whole church prayed for me on the Sunday I had the attack. I don’t doubt that God has been apart of this from the beginning.

My school was very accepting of my disability and made the necessary arrangements to move us ICT Technicians to the other side. We moved temporarily into the library where it was a little small. But, with the help of others giving up their space for us we found a new space.

The space was graciously provided and has made my life so much more easier. It’s a quick walk to the various departments I need to access. It’s also meant we can setup a service desk environment for supporting both staff and students.

(My desk is the desk on the left)